Coffee Ranch

Bringing specialty coffee to Chico

Lunch menu

Served Mon-Fri 11am-2pm

1. Pick your mix: classic, mexican citrus or honey mustard tofu

2. Pick your style: sandwich, wrap, or salad

3. Pick your toppings

Sandwiches and wraps: $7.95

Salads: $8.50

 Add a cup of soup to any lunch for $3.50!

Classic chicken salad

A healthy spin on the classic chicken salad!

Made with Greek yogurt, grapes and pecans

Served with house made balsamic vinaigrette


Southwestern chicken salad

Spice It up with green chile, lime chicken, peppers, onions and corn

Served with house made cilantro lemon vinaigrette

      16 oz Bowl- $6.50             8 oz cup- $4.50

      16 oz Bowl- $6.50             8 oz cup- $4.50



Breakfast sandwich

Breakfast sandwich