Coffee Ranch

Bringing specialty coffee to Chico

Coffee Ranch proudly serves Pablo's Coffee, roasted at a high elevation in Denver, Colorado.


Pablo's has been roasting coffee for nearly two decades and they run the busiest coffee shop in the entire state of Colorado. Many people ask us why we chose Pablo's and the truth is, we simply think it's the best. What makes it the best? Of course the flavor is important, but so is the passion that goes into roasting, brewing and crafting the beans into the perfect cup of coffee. It's something we think you'll understand after your first visit and taste at the Coffee Ranch.

Plus, Pablo's seeks out unique beans from all over the world, drawing from only responsible and reliable farmers that they know on a personal basis. It's relationship coffee at its finest! Take a look at our many varietals and see how your cup of coffee is helping people around the world. 


  • The Leisurist

             Our newest addition to the Pablo's coffee roster is the Swiss army knife of our blends. A lighter roast profile, The Leisurist is multifaceted, extremely versatile and can stand up against any preparation. From aeropress to drip to espresso, this post-roast blend is easy-going but does not back down. Brewing methods will produce a clean cup with baker's chocolate, pleasant berry acidity, ripe pear and a body with viscosity that can't be beat. As espresso, syrupy vanilla, palo santo and lemon zest meet the palate.

  • Danger Monkey

    What do you get when you combine beans from two of the finest coffee producing regions in the world? The answer: something so good it is potentially dangerous. Made from our favorite Sumatra and the seasons best beans from East Africa. Dark and full bodied with a bright earthy finish, this coffee is a winner every time. Plus, we can't get enough of this cute little monkey!

  • Espresso Blend

    Flawless, deep orange crema, amazing viscosity, smooth enough to devour by itself, and just the right amount of bitterness to stand up to milk.




Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Worka Co-Op - Organically grown, natural process-

Medium roast

A classic fruit forward, naturally processed Ethiopian with strawberry, raspberry and hints of blueberries, with a creamy body and excellent sweetness. Pablo's has been on the hunt for a nice naturally processed Ethiopian coffee for awhile now and we are thrilled with this coffee from Worka Co-Op, from the district of Gedeb in the south of Ethiopia. The coffee is from a group of family farms which are part of the Co-Op, which is in turn part of the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union. This larger Co-Op supports sustainable coffee production for its more than 45,000 members.

Kenya Nyeri Ndimaini

Medium roast

The processing of this excellent Kenya lends to the coffee's sugar, punchy acidity and deep complexity. The wild honey sweetness, late-summer sun-kissed heirloom tomato acidity and ripe black cherry will evoke memories of warmer times. Ndimaini is a Nyeri Cooperative in the Martina District near the town of Mathira and situated in two distinct regions flanking the Ragati river. Ndimaini Cooperative manages 1,500 members operating within the larger Ndmaini factory and smaller Karigo factory. The coffee undergoes a 1-2 hour pre-ferment, followed by a 16-18 hour main ferment and 1-2 hours on drying tables.

Burundi Mumirwa

Light roast

This Burundi packs a punch, straddling the line between sweet and savory. Hints of caramel and black cherry balance umami in this unique coffee. A rich body rounds out the cup and crisp lime finishes it. Another coffee from Africa's Great Lakes region, processed at the Ntamba Washing Station and grown at the high altitude of 1700 meters above sea level. The high altitude extends the growing season and contributes to a higher bean density, which leads to increased complexity.

Columbia Marino Ingo Mystic

Medium roast

Elegant, rich, complex, intriguing and seductive. Black cherry, dark cocoa, aptly named: it's mystic! Ingo Mystic is a revelation, discovered during the Major de Marino coffee auction, an event sponsored by Royal Coffee Importers and InConexus, a conglomerate that focuses on traceability, direct and fair trade and establishing alliances between small growers and buyers. In the case of Inga Mystic, the coffee is grown and produced by a group of 17 Ingo (descended from the Inca) small holders in fincas that dot the valley near the town of Buesaco.

Mexico Oaxaca La Cooperative Ayuuk

Light Roast

This coffee is intensely sweet and mouth-wateringly juicy, like a honey soaked piece of pastry with blueberry compote and a clean finish. The past few years we've been lucky to have some great coffees from our neighbors directly to the south. This organically produced coffee is grown at high altitude along the Sierra Madre de Oaxaca mountain range by a group of indigenous Mixed people.

Papua New Guinea Siane

This PNG has a super clean finish with a gentle and round acidity. The creamy mouthfeel with malt and raw sugar sweetness will give you the feeling you're drinking malted milk balls and sweet cream. This Papua New Guinea is sourced through the Diane Organic Agriculture Cooperative (SOAC) in the province of Chimbu. The cooperative helps access the international coffee market for its farmers by forming direct trade relationships with importers and provides farmers with financial assistance, coffee quality management and improvement, organic certification and community based projects that promote gender equality and education.

Rwanda Kivu Lake Ingoboka Co-Op

Medium Roast

This crowd-pleasing Rwandan isn't shy about it's milk-chocolatiness; the mouthfeel would make you believe you're drinking melted chocolate oranges. Truly a versatile coffee that's dynamic as a single-origin espresso and makes a rich dessert coffee through a French press. This coffee is grown near Kivu in  the Great Lakes region of Africa by the Ingoboka Co-Op whose staff is comprised of 40% women. The Co-Op is focused on childhood education and health care access for its communities.